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BEAR are the initials of Eric Blom (director, composer, designer, artist), Angelo van den Burg (composer, creative producer, artist) and René Meister (creative producer, composer, artist)

A BEAR's Life

Eric, Angelo and René compose and produce music, films, documentaries and performances. For Dutch national television, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, but also for corporations like Heineken, Pro Rail, TNT, for exhibitions and events. They have won the Golden Rose (best music program), the ‘Nipkov schijf’, the Golden Antenna, the Edison award, an Emmy award nomination, several golden and platinium records.

T: +31 6 46322695

Bussumergrintweg 4
1217 BP Hilversum
T: +31 35 6263030

LePral Publishing
Linnaeushof 8
1098 KH Amsterdam
T: +31 6 46322695

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